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Thanks to our patented innovation, the movable mounting rail, we have created a universal solution that perfectly fits the ever-growing needs of the rapidly developing photovoltaic construction market.

The use of this product is possible even in harsh conditions, thanks to the highest quality composite with necessary additives, which is used for the production of A, B and C bases.

Our system is manufactured 100% in Poland as an environmentally friendly product.


System compatible with absolutely any photovoltaic module, regardless of its size


Hassle-free expansion or rearrangement of the photovoltaic system


fast and intuitive, Install PV even several times faster


Low transportation costs thanks to properly designed products

Quality and safety

Guarantee of reproducible top quality of each item. TÜV Rheinland certification.

Technical support

Professional sales support team with hands-on experience


Which one will be right for you?


bitumen / membrane / flat sheet / ground


bitumen / membrane


flat sheet metal


ballast, dedicated to uneven ground

Q1 2024

Safe choice

The system has been fully tested in independent laboratories and has received 
Certificates of conformity with EN1991-1-3, EN1991-1-4 and EN1090 standards

The most common questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions.
However, if you still have any doubts, don’t wait and contact us.

Be sure to read the installation instructions and included recommendations.

Remember not to test the strength of the bases using the leverage method.
During the operation of the photovoltaic system, the forces present in such a method do not act on the fully mounted structure.
The mechanical strength of the composite bases has been determined at a force equivalent to wind speeds of more than 170 km/h.

Using the ABC mounting system, the size of the modules does not matter.
It is important to choose the best one for your project from the available mounting configurations.

Especially for this purpose, we have prepared a special calculator that will calculate for you the necessary quantities of bases and fasteners.
Just use it by clicking on this link.

If you need a comprehensive quote, we would be very happy to prepare one for you. It’s very likely to be done within the same day.
Just send your request including the module layout plan and your chosen layout configuration to:

We make sure that all ordered bases arrive safely to our customers.
We always ship them on pallets, the products are stackable so that we can fit a big quantity of them on a one pallet.

The ABC mounting system is a very versatile product.
It can be used in projects where installation by non-invasive (ballasted), glued (dented) or invasive (screwed into the roof sheathing) methods is needed.

The B+C variant is the best solution for ground installations, due to the increased distance of the module from the surface, which is in the range of 35 – 40 cm.

Specifically for the most demanding projects, we are currently working on introducing a dedicated solution that will additionally allow the possibility of adjusting the leveling of small irregularities in the ground and height of the module edge from the surface will be as high as 50 cm.

The ABC mounting system also includes center and end mounting clamps.

Both of these products are fully universal and compatible with modules with frame thicknesses between 28 and 40 mm.

We can calculate the price only after determining the specific variant and the number of elements needed.
Feel free to use our quantity calculator or send a request with information for a quote to

Note that the higher the number of rows in a given project, the higher the final price will be.

Safety and the highest quality products are our priority.
That’s why the ABC mounting system has received positive certification for the three most important standards: EN1990-1, EN1991-3, EN1991-4.
In order to meet the expectations of our customers, tests have also been performed at an independent laboratory, the report of which is available for review.

All of the above documents can be found under the “Downloads” tab or at this link.

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